Sunday 14 July 2013

Report 4 (July 8 - July 14)

This is Report #4. I plan to post these every Sunday. They will give a rundown of what I've done during the week, list any problems I had, and what I plan to do the following week. I'll be posting the reports both to the beagle-gsoc Google Group and to my blog.

Completed this week:

  • Contributed i2cscan enhancements back to NetBSD. Commits: i2cscan.c, i2cscan.8
  • Finished the CAT24C256 Driver (EEPROM).
  • Resolved the pinmux issue I had last week. See my blog post for details.
  • General code clean-up and testing.
  • Documented the Minix I2C device driver interface to the I2C bus driver. Text here. Will post to the wiki when code is merged.
  • Documented the Minix I2C internals. Text here. Will post to the wiki when code is merged.

Issues / Concerns / Challenges:

  • None this week :)

Plan for next week:

  • Minor fix needed to allow the i2c device drivers to survive the i2c bus driver restarting.
  • Submit what I've done so far into the code review / continuous integration pipeline for inclusion in mainline Minix. This includes the pinmux work around, i2c bus driver, i2cscan utility, libi2cdriver, cat24c256 driver, eepromread utility.
  • Start working on a driver for reading the extended display identification data (EDID) via the TDA19988.
  • As I work on the TDA19988 driver, I'll also document how to write a Minix I2C driver using the i2cdriver library I developed previously.
  • If things go really well, begin frame buffer driver enhancements to use EDID to configure the driver properly.

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