Sunday 8 September 2013

Report 12 (September 2 - September 8)

This is Report #12. I plan to post these every Sunday. They will give a rundown of what I've done during the week, list any problems I had, and what I plan to do the following week. I'll be posting the reports both to the beagle-gsoc Google Group and to my blog.

Completed this week:
  • Rebased against mainline Minix.
  • Finished porting the GPIO driver to the AM335X (demo video).
  • Code merged into mainline Minix this week:
  • Continued working on porting the fb driver to the AM335X.
Issues / Concerns / Challenges:
  • Figuring out all of the clocking for the AM335X LCDC peripheral has been very challenging, especially determining the relationship between the functional clock, module clock, Display PLL, and pixel clock and their respective divisors and multipliers. There is a BSD licensed LCDC driver in FreeBSD that I may either re-use or add some debugging output to which would enable me to see all of the various clock values and multipliers/divisors in a working configuration.
Plan for next week:

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